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The Wedding of

Sharon Condy
Johann Ting

The Chapel

King Edward's Witley

10:15am - Doors open

From the car park, follow the signs to the chapel.
Please take your seats by 10:45am.

10:45am - Arrival of the Bride

She loves to make an entrance.

11:00am - Wedding Service

The reason we are all here!

12:00pm - Group Photo!

Get your smiles on! After the group photo,
make your way to...

The Selborne Room

12:30pm - Tea Ceremony

There will then be a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to welcome each of us into each other's families.

1:00pm - Lunch

After grace has been said, tuck in to a light lunch before...

2:00pm - Ceilidh

Organised fun (Sharon's favourite kind).
Sit back and relax, or even better... join in the fun!

Also, redeem our gift to you:
line up to get your family photo taken in all your finery!

4:00pm - End of Ceilidh

After the dancing is done, make your way over to...


The Dining Hall


4:30pm - Speeches

Tears, laughter, jokes at the groom's expense...

5:00pm - Evening Meal

Before Sharon gets too hangry.

After the meal, head back to...

The Selborne Room


6:45pm - Cutting Of The Cake

Followed by eating of the cake, along with tea and coffee.

7:00pm - First Dance

Sharon and Johann take to the dancefloor.

7:01pm - Dance The Night Away!

(please don't leave us out on the dancefloor on our own...)



10:00pm - Bride & Groom Depart

Hasta la vista, baby.


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